Being a full-service agency, PATENTUS LLC provides the whole range of common IP services at all the known stages of obtaining and maintaining legal protection of exclusive rights to various objects of intellectual property. Our experienced patent and trademark attorneys offer consulting and legal support which comprises any and all services relevant to drafting and filing patent and trademark applications, handling different prosecution phases at the Russian Patent and Trademark Office (RuPTO) as well as contestation and protection of existing rights.

Trademark services are our primary ones and include:

  • aid and advice in legal matters relating to trademark registration and protection in Russia;
  • carrying out preliminary trademark searches to assess trademark registrability;
  • official trademark registration support services;
  • responding to the notifications of provisional refusal issued by the RuPTO;
  • renewal of trademarks;
  • making amendments to trademark applications and registrations.

Patent services referring to inventions, industrial designs and utility models include:

  • patent counseling (legal advice on the rules and possibilities of patent protection in Russia);
  • preliminary patent searches to assess novelty, prior art and other patentability criteria in respect of different patentable subjects, infringement searches;
  • retrieval of patent information, carrying out patent researches;
  • obtaining patent protection for inventions, utility models and industrial designs;
  • assistance in keeping the patents valid;
  • making amendments to patent applications and registrations.

License and assignment agreements professional support implies:

  • legal advise on intellectual property disposal issues in Russia;
  • drafting license, assignment and franchise contracts of any complexity;
  • translating the specified contracts and drafting bilingual contracts;
  • drafting supplementary agreements;
  • assistance in negotiating contracts in the sphere of intellectual property;
  • registration of contracts executing disposal of registered objects of intellectual property in the Russian Patent Office and making amendments to registered contracts.

Patent and trademark dispute resolution and litigation services consist in:

  • preparation of cases and initiating opposition procedures before the RuPTO;
  • taking appeals to the Chamber for Patent Disputes of Russia from the final decisions of the RuPTO examiners in charge of patent, trademark and other registrations;
  • legal representation and protection of clients before the Russian Civil Courts;
  • preparation of “amicus briefs” and expert opinions in the field of Russian and international law of intellectual property.

Miscellaneous IP services include:

  • registration of computer programs and databases;
  • registration of semiconductor topographies;
  • registration of intellectual property objects with the Russian Custom’s IP Registry;
  • protection of subject matters of copyright in Russia.

The present list of services is general and non-exhaustive. You’re welcome to take a close look at the costs and particulars of certain services from the relevant sections of our website.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case of Your matter is non-typical or even a unique one. Our experience, passion for and devotion to our profession enable us to welcome every new task with open arms.